Day 16: More on subroutines, jumps & indexing

Lost a day yesterday due to the move and date night with the Wife.  I’m doin’ my best here…

So my understanding of how relative & indexed jumps work on the 8080 & Z80 was just flawed.  There’s no variable indexing, like on the 6800 or 6502, which is a super bummer.
My original ideas was to have a register be the offset into a subroutine, so like you’d call the subroutine, and what was on the C register would end up selecting which part of the subroutine was run.  I thought it was clever…  I want to make a general purpose routine that can set or clear a specified bit in a control word.
Lets for get set vs clear for now, and focus on selecting the bit.   The SET & RES commands seemed cool at first, but are actually kind of useless, since you can’t select the bit from a register.  So what if we go back to using RLCA, and we use C as a counter, to determine the # of rotates we make?  Oh right, we tried this two days ago, and couldn’t verify if it worked. LET. TRY. AGAIN ( I’m super hating all of this).
Lets test it on the LEDs on port0 instead of on the console – that should be more conclusive.


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