Heathkit H89A – Continued boot failures

So I’ve tried just about everything, and the consensus is that I’ve just got bad disks.  A bunch of people on the SEBHC Board has been super helpful, a few even offering to send me boot-disks.  I took one gentleman (Ken) up on his offer, so hopefully that’ll get me up and running.
Lee suggested some lines on the floppy connector to probe, which I’ll get to tomorrow.  May even sick the 7D01 on this…
This manual has me convinced that the BIOS is correct. It’s a newer one to go along with the floppy controller card, which just isn’t referenced in any of the printed documentation I have.
Ken confirmed my understanding that the floppy drive is a fairly dumb device, and it’s the controller that determines sector firmness, track count, & density.  He’s even shared wiring instructions to get 3.5″ drives.  I’m eager to try some newer drives and disks once I get up and running.

2 thoughts on “Heathkit H89A – Continued boot failures

  1. I have some parts for the Heathkit 89. I have the main cpu board 85-2549-1 and the Disk I/O 85-2601-1. Not sure what to do with them and I would like to sell them if possible.

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