7D01 Teardown



As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m in possession of no less then three, complete, working 7D01+ Display Formatter pairs (2 DF01s & 1DF02).  I got my original one working, keeping one as a maintenance spare / parts unit, and tearing down & stripping the final one.

It did take a moment of inward reflection before I decided to sacrifice a Tektronix product, but I decided:

  • It’s not particularly rare;  You’ll always see one or two on eBay.  Though they’re asking price is usually upwards of $200 (or sometimes more, which is just silly), they really only sell for about $50 – $100.  They were made from 1977 to 1985, though I don’t know how many were actually made.
  • It’s been an interesting circuit to get to know, and further poking will be educational.
  • It’s a trove of useful parts, including a beautiful ceramic & gold MC6800 CPU in the DF01, 20+ really nice toggle switches, tons of discrete logic, a dual concentric encoder, and some dual concentric pots.  I’ve already made a rudimentary 1Mhz clock circuit using some of it’s parts.
  • It’ll be fun, and I’ll take some pictures for here and the wiki.
  • Did I mention I have three of them?

The front panel circuit board is called out as the recognizer & trigger selector.  It also has the differential line receivers (Motorola MC10216) which are the input buffers for the P6451 probes.  The probes connect via 2 25-pin micro sub-D connectors.