Day 10: treading water

I got my booster today and it’s Friday, so I’m a little drained, but at least want to try to do something.  So I’ll do a little CP/M housekeeping.

The CF Card is IDE0.  ROMWBW introduces partitioning that it calls slices.  ‘Out of the box’, these slices are 8MB ea, and slice 0 – 7 are assigned drive letters C – J.  For some reason, drive D is returning garbage on a DIR command.  Running ‘CLRDIR D:’ fixed that.  Note that for the most part, commands can be entered in either case, but when prompted to answer ‘Y’, you must match case.

CP/M doesn’t include move or copy commands, though it does have REName.  The syntax backwards from what you’d expect from the POSIX ‘mv’ command:
REN NEWNAM.TXT=OLDNAM.TXT.  RENname cannot be used to move files across drives.

If we want to copy a file, we’ll need to use the PIP command. PIP stands for Peripheral Interchange Program. PIP dates back to the 60s, and existed on most of DECs operating systems for the PDP line of computers. I suppose I should try to learn it.

Crashing..  yeah, I learned PIP. yay. ‘night.


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