Day 13: Include Files

Before I make a simple program to test the CTC, I’d like to learn how the assembler deals with multiple files.  The simplest way is to use the INCLUDE pseudo-op:
INCLUDE  <FILENAME.EXT> will simply open the .ext file and insert it at the location of the deceleration.  Lets try it with yesterday’s HELLO example – we’ll move STROUT, CHOUT & NEWLN to a file called CHARIO.EXT.

So it compiles without error, but when I run it, I get
+++ BAD INT 00H: @0507[0044:D782:540A:0500:FEF4:EC20:11C6]

Shit.  The listing looks clean, so I really have no idea.  Well, that was fun.
I’m gonna have a beer.



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