514 Status update

A gaggle of capacitors is en route from Newark / Element14, so until they arrive, the 514 is off the bench.  I got enough to replace all bad caps in the power supplies, including the untested HV cans, just in case.  ‘High Voltage Problems’ is a common utterance when speaking about these old beasts, so I want to be prepared to replace anything.  I’ve been staring at the HV power supply schematic for the last week, and I think I’m ready to tackle it.  I got a enough 630v film capacitors in .1, .01 & .047μF to deal with bad bumblebee caps as necessary, as well as 22μF 450v electrolitics to restuff some cans with.

The plan is to replace all the bad caps I’ve identified, replace the rest of the missing tubes (which I have), then slowly bring it up on the variac.  I’m not expecting a trace, but I would like to see a spot, which would indicate that the power supplies are somewhat working.  after that:

  1. Check of all power supplies.
  2. Check the vertical signal path
  3. Get the sweep generator working
  4. Get it to trigger
  5. A thorough cleaning & make a new graticule

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