Tektronix 514: Overview of capacitor repairs

While waiting for parts to arrive, I figured I’d compile some video I shot into a short clip about the work done to date in diagnosing and repairing the power supply caps in my Tektronix 514.  This is my first attempt at a video, but there will be more to come.

One thought on “Tektronix 514: Overview of capacitor repairs

  1. Wonder how your 514 resto is proceeding. I’ve got one– a 514AD that I’ve restored– 98%– minus two percent because I still have to get the cabinet painted– trying to get a texture powder coat in a matching original color.. oh and the two leather handles need to be redone. Functionally my 514AD is at 100% which included grading 6AC7’s in the vertical amp for least cathode interface and pulse performance.

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